Friday, January 20, 2017

Chinese wine? Chateau Changyu Moser XV Cabernet Sauvignon

Chinese wine is going to be a big deal in a few years. Lots of vines being planted, and by some highly regarded names, like Rothschild. When I saw this bottle in my local Wine Rack I just had to try it... is Chinese wine any good?

Smells like petrol, but in a good way. Like you're going on a road trip,  pulling into the petrol station and wondering what overpriced snacks you'll purchase for the journey. It's actually quite good! Black cherry jam, and clove. Lingers on the sides of the mouth. Unusually for a Cabernet Sauvignon it finishes with red cherry, a light fruity tone. The road trip was better than expected, with some ups and downs, through unfamiliar territory, and got lost, but found our way home.

Would go great with peppered steak or roast duck with plum sauce.

Worth a go for £10.99 from Wine Rack.

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