Friday, January 27, 2017

Wine for Chinese new year

Happy Chinese New Year! What shall we drink with our Chinese takeaway to celebrate?

It is Chinese New Year on Saturday 28 January, and I imagine many Brits will eat Chinese food for dinner, but which wine should you pair with Chinese food? The answer depends on what you're eating, what wine you like, and how spicy you like your food.

If you like white wine, Gewurtztraminer and Riesling are always a good choice because they have low acidity, and if you're having spicy food you should find something off-dry so your mouth doesn't feel like its on fire. If you're having Chicken Cashew then a Viognier would partner well. Again, a Viognier tends to have low acidity, but the flavour profile (aromatic, stone fruits) will match well with the nuttiness. If you're eating dim sum then go for a Champagne to truly celebrate! For Sweet & Sour dishes go for an off-dry rose, like the Petticoat White Zinfandel (available from Laithwaites £7.99).

I personally love to partner red wine with Chinese food because it increases the intensity of the spiciness, and something like a Merlot, which has lower acidity than many other reds, will feel well-balanced with spicy dishes. If you choose crispy duck then you should go for a Pinot Noir. For Beef in Black Bean you can go bod with a deeper red, like a Cabernet Sauvignon, perhaps a Bordeaux, or if you want to try a Chinese wine go for Moser XV Cab Sav (available at Wine Rack for £10.99).

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