Thursday, January 14, 2021

Wines for our webinars

Amelia Singer and I have enjoyed hosting webinars during 2020, connecting the people who make the wine, the people who sell the wine and the people who drink the wine. In case you missed our webinars you can watch any of them on my YouTube channel and sign up to the channel to be notified of new ones. You can sign up to my mailing list HERE to be notified of future events. I've listed the wines we tasted below. The tasting packs are no longer available, but most of the wines you can still buy individually (price and vintage may vary).


An Adventure in the Old World (wines from Novel Wines)

The 'New' Old World (wines from Novel Wines)
SWIG Wine pop-up! (wines from Swig)
  • The Age of Grace Viognier
  • Greyton Chardonnay
  • Syrah
Winemaker: Saint Clair, New Zealand (wines from Corking Wines)
  • Pioneer Block 3 Sauvignon Blanc
  • Origins Viognier
  • Origins Pinot Noir
Winemaker: Gerard Bertrand, France (wines from Corking Wines)
  • Picpoul de Pinet
  • Hampton Water 
  • Saint Chinian
Winemaker: San Marzano, Italy (wines from Corking Wines)
  • Il Pumo Primitivo
  • Il Pumo Negroamaro
  • 62 Anniversario Primitvo Manduria Riserva
Winemaker: Balla Geza, Romania (wines from Novel Wines)
English Wine Week: Stanlake Park
  • Bacchus
  • King's Fume
  • Grand Reserve
Wines Unpacked
The New World of German Wines (wines from Novel Wines) - we also featured natural wines by Jan Matthias Klein available from Modal Wines.
  • Oliver Zeter Grauburgunder
  • Oliver Zeter Sauvignon Blanc Fume
  • Oliver Zeter Pinot Noir Reserve
Food & Wine Matching (wines from Berkmann Help4Hospitality)


Sake (wines from Sorakami)

Wines of Portugal (wines from Exquisite Portuguese Wines)
  • Maria Papoila Alvarinho
  • Insurgente Dao
  • Andreza Reserva Douro
  • Azul Sparkling Rose
  • Lua Cheia Reserva Douro
  • Azul Tawny Port 10 yrs
California (wines from Stannary Wine)
  • Liquid Farm White Hill Chardonnay
  • Chanin Pinot Noir
  • Foxglove Cabernet Sauvignon
Wines of the Rhone with Cellier des Dauphins (available from Asda, Tesco, Waitrose)
  • Les Dauphins CdR White
  • Les Dauphins CdR Red


Wine& Mindfulness - Re-Wine & Re-Wire (wines from BinTwo)
  • Lagravera Onra 
  • Mas d'Alezon
  • Les Escures