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Host Your Own HYO Wine Club - Aussie Shiraz

Australian Shiraz

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McLaren Vale and Barossa Valley in South Australia are two areas best known for quality Australian Shiraz (Syrah). However, this flight explores Shiraz from other regions of Australia. Orange in NSW is an up and coming region of Australian wine. Clare Valley is better known for its Riesling wines, but winemakers are diversifying their crops. When a bottle says “South Eastern Australia” the grapes can come from anywhere, which means that they can make cheaper wines with consistent quality.

Wollemi, Shiraz, South Eastern Australia, 12.5%

This wine has been bottled in the UK, which is why the price can be so low. By law the label must state where wine has been bottled, so look for a UK postcode. If you pay less than £6 for a bottle of wine like this one then you will generally get better wine if it has been bottled here, because of the savings in transport costs.
Available from Sainsbury’s <£8

Climbing, Shiraz, Orange, Australia, 2014, 14%
Trying wines from newer regions can lead to finding hidden gems. Orange is not yet known for winemaking, but soon will be. This wine is deep red with purple edges. Plum, dark cherry and blackberry, with hints of spice, and subtle oak. Soft and drinkable, this is a great-tasting Shiraz for less than a tenner.
Available from Waitrose £8-10

The Hedonist, Shiraz, McLaren Vale, Australia, 14%
Black and silky, aged in new American oak with a long velvety finish. Blackcurrant jam, sweet spices, vanilla and coconut. This is a vegetarian and organic wine. It has been made with minimum interference so represents Australian Shiraz at its best.
Available from Wine Rack or Waitrose or independents >£10

Host Your Own Wine Club

We have been serving great wines at our pop-up wine bars and would like to get more people involved with trying the wines we recommend. Once you join HYO Wine Club we will send you a list of wines that we recommend to try each month. When you try the wines please tell us what you think on Twitter using @HYOwineclub and #HYOwineclub, or on the PrincessAndThePinot Facebook Page - we would love to chat to you about the wines you've tasted based on our recommendations. Most of the wines will be available on the high street, but some come from independent stores or winemakers. You can try the wines in the comfort of your own home at your leisure, or you can come to our pop-up wine bars to try the wines, or we can help you to Host Your Own wine club. The flights of wine served at our pop-up wine bars will feature the wines recommended for HYO Wine Club.

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