Friday, May 17, 2013

Badger challenge #10

So we finally got around to tasting the tenth bottle of our challenge we set last year.

Villa Maria Gewurtztraminer
Lime, mango and honeysuckle on the nose.
Sharp, bitter coriander and lemon flavours.
Barry said it was "not as interesting as a normal G."
Probably because he chose a New Zealand one and had forgotten.
It's not an unpleasant wine, but not fabulous.
We scored it 3/5 for quality and 3/5 for likeability.

So how does this compare to our other challenger wines?

I chose:

  • Fleurie Georges deBoeuf £10.99 = 9
  • Barista Pinotage £8.74 = 7
  • Gestos Malbec £8.99 = 6
  • Black Cottage rose £12.49 = 6
  • Arca Nova Vinho Verde £7.99 = 6
Badger chose:
  • Shortlist Cabernet £14.99 = 8
  • Brown Bros Muscat £7.99 = 7
  • Dom de Mercey beaune £9.99 = 7
  • Villa Maria Gewurtztraminer £9.99 = 6
  • Nero d'Avola £6.99 = 5
So I won the challenge, thankfully, but the more important lesson to learn here is that even within a restricted price range, price paid isn't the best indicator of quality or likeability. For us the Fleurie was the best value, and we've bought more since, and found it works as a great present or to bring to parties.

If you want more tips on how to choose the wine YOU like, let me know what you like and I'll post some things to look out for on the label when you're buying wine.

Please drink responsibly!

If you want to see how we created the challenge, how we scored our wines and/or want to create it for yourself, please follow this link:

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