Monday, February 25, 2013


Le Clos d'un Jour, Cahors 2008 is made from 100% Cot. I bought this bottle from The Sampler. And it cost £20.

It is deep ruby in colour, has medium acidity, med tannin, and notes of tar, black fruit, black currant leaf, clove, coffee. I would say this is a good quality wine due to the complexity of flavours.

Cot is the Malbec grape, simply known as Cot outside Bordeaux, and in Cahors, it is also known as Auxerrois. There are many local synonyms, since Malbec at one time was widely planted in nearly every area of France. Sensitivity to frost is the primary reason Malbec has declined in France. However, Malbec is the dominant red varietal in the Cahors area. The Appellation Controlée regulations for Cahors require a minimum content of 70%.

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